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Welcome to Jus Sayin' - a brand all about quality expression.


Hi!  My name is Brooklynn, and I love to create things.  My favorite thing to do is let my mind run wild and then bring it all to life.  Growing up it was a box of crayons and finger paint that did the trick, now it’s wood, metal, and power tools.  With a steady hand & the one up on Home Depot's layout (thanks dad) coupled with an eye for detail & a need for perfection (thanks mom), I started in my garage with a jigsaw & a dream. 


Birchwood. Laser Cut. Swirl Brushed Copper.  Turn up the music & let's rock.  Each sign is unique & designed to impress.  These stand out pieces turn heads and say -

"I'm Jus Sayin'."


Have an idea of your own?  Ok...I see you!  Yes, I do custom work.  Let's work together and make a one-off! It'll be epic.


Made in Michigan.  I'd have it no other way.  #mittenpride


P.S. - Did you know that Michigan is the only place on earth where large-scale, economically recoverable, 97 percent pure native copper is found?  

Thank god for wikipedia.  Jus Sayin'...



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